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Who we are

US Education Pathway is a leader in providing support and assistance for international students with interest to study in the United States. We connect individuals with world’s finest colleges and universities located in U.S. Territories. Our company was created to offer international student academic opportunities without limitations, giving you the flexibility to choose any educational institution in any city.

We specialize in:

  • Finding the most ideal Educational Institutions for our international students.
  • Admitting international students to Universities and Colleges in the USA.
  • Preparing and submitting all the necessary documents on behalf of international students.
  • Providing necessary documents (such as Form I-20) required to obtain U.S. Student Visa.
  • Advising and Consulting before interview with the U.S. Embassy Consul.
  • Travel arrangements.
  • Student Health Insurance.
  • Assistance with housing, cell phone, bank accounts, etc.

Excellence is the goal in everything we do. US Education Pathway is staffed with only intelligent and highly-experienced employees who are passionate about what they do. Our priority is our clients; therefore we always act in the best interests of our clients. Unlike other agencies, US Education Pathway is not a commission based agency. Whether you’re searching for the best or affordable education, we have the perfect match for you. We mainly focus on U.S. market to deliver you the best results guaranteed.


Supporting you all the way


To serve as a reliable pathway for individuals seeking to study in USA.

People: To inspire and help students get the best education.
Relationship: To provide the best service and to build long-lasting relationship.
Perseverance: To do everything possible to deliver the satisfactory results.
Productivity: To be a highly effective, transparent and knowledgeable.

Client SatisfactionWe are committed to providing the highest level of customer service. 
ExcellenceWe continuously analyze our processes and ourselves in order to become the best of the best.
InnovativeWe are committed to developing and implementing cutting-edge technologies for efficiency.
IntegrityWe are committed to honesty, loyalty, and a high standard of ethical conduct.
PassionBe hybrid; Treat each client and partner as our family member.

We’ve helped thousands of students from all over the world

Meet Our Advisors

Franco Madrahimov
Franco MadrahimovAdvisor
Mr. Madrahimov graduated from University of Nebraska with Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting. He is our Russian speaking advisor. He also has a deep understanding of Asian culture and traveled to 12 countries including UAE and China.
Mary Campbell
Mary CampbellAdvisor
Mrs. Campbell was born and raised in Omaha. She graduated from University of Nebraska with a Bachelor’s in Journalism. She is an expert in US Education system and has worked as an admission counselor for over 12 years.
Jennifer Mclemore
Jennifer MclemoreAdvisor
Ms. Mclemore is from Texas and graduated from Texas State with a Teacher Certification. She is no stranger to international studies as she taught English in South Korea for 2 years.

US EDUCATION PATHWAY is licensed and registered with the State of Nebraska